The Strategic Plan for Community Development, adopted September 4, 2008, created the Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) with a mission of promoting a new approach to community development. This new approach would address “all elements of the living and built environment that constitute a sustainable community.”

Congratulations from the City Managers Office on your nomination to the City of San Antonio Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC)

Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Homepage of the Community Development Advisory Committee. On behalf of the Community Development Section of the Planning and Development Services Department of the City of San Antonio, I wanted to thank you for your interest in community development. The goal of this website is to assist in creating open lines of communication and file sharing for the CDAC. Should you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this website, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at cdsummit@sanantonio.gov .

Information Regarding the CDAC


The CDAC was a result of the Strategic Plan for Community Development adoption on September 4, 2008. The CDAC is on its first year on establishing Reinvestment Plan Areas for the City of San Antonio.

Community Development Advisory Committee

The CDAC is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Community Development. The CDAC reviews proposed policy changes regarding community development and makes recommendations to City Council.

Participants in the CDAC

The membership of the CDAC reflects the holistic and inclusive approach to community development that stakeholders envisioned and articulated. Representatives are invited to serve from the many sectors that impact the goals of the Strategic Plan for Community Development.

Non-Profit Housing Providers- Jennifer Gonzalez, Chair

Neighborhood Associations-Ignacio Perez, Vice-Chair

School Districts-Vacant

Colleges and Universities- Albert Carrisalez

Public Transit- Christina CastanoPerez

Non-Profit Developer / Service Providers- Christine Drennon

Real Estate Development- Debra Guerrero

Workforce Development and Capacity Building- Dominique Halaby

Small Business Assistance- J. Oscar Ramirez

Financial Services- Nancy Rocha

Environmental- Steven Sano

Responsibilities of the CDAC

The CDAC is responsible for selecting Reinvestment Plan Areas on an annual basis. When Reinvestment Plans and Projects are proposed for consideration, the CDAC evaluates the proposals against the goals of the Strategic Plan for Community Development. The CDAC adopts key community development indicators, such as the MVA, by which to monitor the progress of Reinvestment Plans, as well as the long-term progress of the Strategic Pland for Community Development itself. The CDAC also identifies best practices in other communities that merit consideration as pilot projects for implementation in San Antonio.

CDAC Report to the Community

Community development stakeholders and the public at large are kept informed of progress by means of an annual presentation at the Community Development Summit and semi-annual progress reports and presentations. The Summit itsel serves as a large-scale clearing house for new ideas and discussions.

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