What is the Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC)?

When the Strategic Plan for Community Development was adopted by the San Antonio City Council on September 4, 2008, the Council also created the Community Development Advisory Committee.

The CDACis made up of eleven members that represent the board spectrum of stakeholders that represent Community Development in San Antonio.  The CDAC, which is staffed by the Community Development Section of the Planning and Development Services Department, is responsible for implementing the Strategic Plan for Community Development.

What is the importance of the CDAC?

The Strategic Plan recognizes that, until now, San Antonio did not have a method to focus limited community development resources in an effective manner.  The CDAC was put together to help coordinate public and private sector attention in such a way that tangible results can be created within a relatively short time span.  The CDAC will be able to fulfill this strategic role because its composition reflects the holistic and inclusive approach to community development that stakeholders originally envisioned and articulated in the Strategic Plan for Community Development.

What are the responsibilities of the CDAC?

The CDAC will build relationships with community partners, proposed policy changes regarding community development, and make recommendations to City Council.

The CDAC is in charge of selection Reinvestment Plan Areas on an annual basis and evaluating these areas against the goals of the Strategic Plan for Community Development.

The CDAC also adopts key community development indicators, such as the Market Value Analysis, by which to monitor the progress of Reinvestment Plans, as well as the long-term progress of the Strategic Plan for Community Development itself.

The CDAC also identifies best practices in other communities that merit consideration as pilot projects for implementation in San Antonio.

The CDAC keeps stakeholders and the public at large informed of progress by means of an annual presentation at the Community Development Summit and semi-annual progress reports and presentations.

What is the composition of the CDAC?

The CDAC is composed of eleven members in the following categories: School District, Public Transit, College & University, Neighborhood Association, Workforce Development and Capacity Building, Small Business Assistance, Environment, Non-Profit Developer/Service Provider, Real Estate/Development, Financial Services, Non-Profit Housing Provider.

I completed the city application.  Do I need to sign the application and mail it to someone?  I submitted the application via the website.

You do not need to mail in a signed application if you have submitted an online application.

I have  completed my online application; is there anything else I need to do?

You do not need to do anything else at this time.

How long are the terms?

CDAC terms run concurrently with City Council Terms.  Initial CDAC terms will expire May 31, 2009.  However, since this initial term is short, it will not count as a complete term and you will be eligible for reappointment.  You could then serve an additional two, two-year terms.  All board and commission members are limited to serving no more than two complete consecutive terms.  After serving two complete consecutive terms, members are ineligible for reappointment unless they sit out a term of two (2) years.

What is the time commitment to serve on the CDAC?  How often are CDAC meetings held? During the day or evening?

This is the CDAC’s first year.  We anticipate the CDAC will meet monthly, and members may also be required to attend additional training and strategic planning opportunities.  Meeting times will be scheduled with the CDAC to ensure everyone is able to attend.

What category should I choose when applying?

Try to match your stregnths — your skills, knowledge, and experience — with the appropriate category.  If you feel you can contribute in multiple categories, feel free to apply under more than one.

If I am currently serving in a board/commission, may I serve on the CDAC?

Each citizen is limited to membership on two (2) boards or commissions concurrently (this includes advisory, more than advisory, City Charter, loan boards or commissions, and ad hoc committees).

Do I have to live in the City of San Antonio to take part in the CDAC?

In order to be qualified to serve on the CDAC, applicants must be residents of the City of San Antonio, and continue such residency during the term of their appointment.


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