Contact Us

This page is to provide contact information to all City of San Antonio Staff, CDAC Members, and meeting presenters.

City of San Antonio

Planning and Development Services Department

P. O. Box 839966
San Antonio, Texas 78283-3966

Rodrick Sanchez, Director
(210) 207-8259

Patrick Howard, Assistant Director
(210) 207-7833

Richard Milk, Community Development Coordinator
(210) 207-5495 office

Joe Mendoza, Senior Management Analyst
(210) 207-2731 office

Kristine Egan, Senior GIS Analyst
(210) 207-0163 office

Cory Lime, Senior Real Estate Specialist
(210) 207-4086

City Attorneys Office

Helen Valkavich, City Attorney
(210) 207-8992

Community Development Advisory Committee

Jennifer Gonzalez, Chair
Ignacio Perez, Vice-Chair
Albert Carrisalez
Christina Castano-Perez
Christine Drennon
Debra Guerrero
Dominique Halaby
Oscar Ramirez
Nancy Rocha
Steven Sano


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